Recycle And Repurpose Your Content

Creating content often takes time and money. You might be very proud of work you have finished, but don’t you want to ensure it reaches as many people as possible?

If you have written a blog and published it, you might think that is all you can do with the content. Perhaps you promote it here and there, but once the blog content is live on your site, it might be done, and you move onto another piece.

This doesn’t have to be the case, and it shouldn’t. You should look to maximise the impact each piece has, and this is why you should look to recycle and repurpose your content. If you are unsure of what this entails, or you need examples, this guide is for you.

Update existing content

It is helpful to have “evergreen” content on your website, which is content that can stand the test of time. Some content on your website should be of the “here and now”, but there should also be content that provides information which doesn’t change, and which is as relevant in the future as it is today.

However, just because the content remains the same doesn’t mean you cannot refresh it. You need to remember that website rankings don’t just relate to what you do, they also consider what your peers and rivals do.

If you have a strong piece of content that ranks number one or at least on the front page of Google for a long time, you will probably think this will be the case for all time.

This might not be the case.

Without making any changes to your site, you might be usurped in the rankings if your rivals update their page or create a more comprehensive guide. If you want to be better ranked than them, you need to recognise their changes, and see if you can improve your page so that it is better than theirs.

Also, don’t forget that certain aspects of your page might become outdated. You don’t need to change the entire page to remain relevant, but if a paragraph or section is out of date, or now provides wrong information, it makes sense to update this section.

Doing so pleases search engines, but more importantly, it ensures your visitors enjoy the best user experience when using your website.

Insert media into your existing posts

Even the best-written and engaging content can be difficult to read if it is all text. If you have web content that has been present for some time, consider the changes in how people access the internet and read sites online.

A page full of text might have been acceptable to desktop users a few years ago, but now, if you are looking to engage with smartphone or tablet users, the thought of reading large pages of text with no breaks will appal them.

It makes sense to update your page with video clips, images, infographics, audio clips and whatever formats are popular or offer users a break from the norm.

If you make your page engaging and keep people on the page or site for longer, you send out the right signals to the search engines, and this will help you rank more consistently.

Turn blog posts into videos..and vice versa

If you are still unsure about the concept of repurposing content, consider it as using your content as many ways as you can. If you have spent a couple of hours creating a blog, doesn’t it make sense to get as much use and benefit from this blog as possible?

Therefore, once you have written a blog and placed it on your site, use the text to create a video. You can use the text as a script and record yourself talking on camera. You might decide to use the text as the basis for an animated video. There is no limit to what you can do with blog content and videos, you can even chop the content up into smaller pieces that provide you with lots of social media friendly videos.

Fill your social media pages with existing content

It isn’t just videos and short video clips you can create from existing content; it is all manner of social media content. You can create images, infographics, polls, question posts, short note posts, quotes and all manner of discussion points by looking back at your existing content, and pulling out relevant points.

The great thing about repurposing your existing website content in this manner is that you have a natural link to direct people towards from your social media post. You should always direct people to a relevant page on your site from social media, and what can be more relevant than a post based on the initial content?

Transcribe the content and create audio

We all know that video is crucial for companies these days, but audio content is important too. Podcasts are growing increasingly important, and this fits well with how people consume information.

A growing number of people want content they can listen to while they are working, working out, driving, cleaning their home or engaging in any number of activities where they don’t have to be fully focused.

By reading out, hiring someone to read out, or using automated voicer technology to read out your content, you have another way to repurpose existing content.

Develop hub pages

One of the strongest things you can do with your website is interlink it so people can find related posts and content that will be of interest to them. If you have enough posts or content on a similar theme or matter, you can create hub pages that allow you to give an overview of what you talk about and do.

Create guides and ebooks

It is likely you will be aware of lead magnets where you provide a guide or ebook to people in order to receive contact information for them. You can use your existing content as the basis for these guides or ebooks.

Whether you give these guides away in exchange for contact details, or you sell them as ebooks or products is down to you. Many firms and individuals sell books that are based on pre-existing content, and this can raise awareness as well as generating more income.

At Agent Content, we appreciate businesses are looking for ways to connect and communicate with customers in a fast-moving and changing world. We can help you connect with potential customers, and make sure you are seen as the company that meets and exceeds the expectations of your customers.

If you want to engage your audience and use your content in the most appropriate manner, contact Agent Content today.