How to increase your marketing presence with the help of a well composed and structured content/blog

Every company is looking to have a strong marketing presence and to be seen as the company people can trust, but it can be difficult to achieve this. There are a number of ways in which a company can achieve this aim but a well composed and structured blog is a fantastic way to achieve this aim. Good quality content can make a big difference to the impact that your business makes online, and these are some of the ways in which well composed blog content can help you out.

Well composed and structured blog benefits you because:

• This style of blog positions you as an expert in your field, which means people will trust you
• An easy to read blog keeps people on your site for longer and they will be keen to come back to read more blogs
• A well-reasoned blog post is likely to be shared by people who have an interest in this topic, increasing your reach
• A shared blog post acts as a personal recommendation, which means new people are more likely to take an interest in what you have to say

Overall, blog content is great for improving your reputation and branding, for driving traffic towards your site and for improving your SEO. This is why if your business is looking to increase your marketing presence, you should look to do so with well composed blog.

How do I construct my blog?
When you have completed your blog, you will find that there are additional options provided to you which help with the promotion of your blog post or assisting people to find the content if it is right for them. However, thinking about these things in advance can help you plan your blog, so consider the following options:

• Blog Title
• Blog categories
• Tags

It is easy to see why many people come up with the blog title after they have written the content, the title should be descriptive of the content, but equally, most people get an idea for the blog first, and then write it. This means that the blog title is likely to be one of the first things you think of. Remember that the blog title should be descriptive, it should encourage people to click on a link and don’t make it too long.

With respect to blog categories, it is likely that you will have a couple of different categories that you focus on with your blog. Keep these in mind before you start because they can help you think of new ideas for your blog and ensure that you remain on topic for your business. Similarly, you only want to have a limited number of tags and they should be related. Some people think it makes sense to include as many tags as possible because this will help you reach more people but if your tags are messy and unfocused, this may put people off.

Once you have considered these options and you have the idea for your blog, it is time to focus on the content.

The blog content
There are many different aspects that come together to create great blog content, so be sure to think about these aspects and then bring them together to create a blog that reaches out to your audience.

While you don’t want to overuse your keyword or stuff it into your content, it is vital that you have a keyword in mind and that it features throughout your content. You should be natural in your use of a keyword and you should ensure that you use related words in the content as this will provide the right signals to search engines.

However, never compromise good quality or relevant content in the pursuit of search engine rankings, your first focus should always be on creating content that is right for your audience.

Once you know your keyword and you have an idea on what you are going to write about, it is time to structure the post. Like all good writing, there should be a beginning, a middle and an end, but with blogging, this can be seen as:

• The introduction and what the blog sets out to achieve
• The main body where you outline your points or ideas
• A conclusion where you recap your points and state your opinion

This automatically breaks your blog content down into smaller and more manageable sections, which should make the writing process more straightforward for you.

See More or Snippet
This is the piece at the start of the text that gets separated to display on your main blog page and this section will commonly appear on search engine results. This means you want a really strong opening that grabs attention and outlines what you are looking to do with the blog post.

Linking – both internal and external links
Be sure to have links in your blog, and this should include internal and external links. You should include links to other content on your site as this will provide people with the chance to explore your site fully, spending more time on your site. You should also include external links because it can back up the points you make and it indicates that you are not solely focused on self-promotion.

There is a lot to be said for being seen as an expert or specialist, and you can do this by showing your audience that you follow respected people and authorities in your sector. Linking to other people’s or company posts also gives you a chance to connect and engage on social media with these professionals.

The use of headings is important for a couple of reasons. Relevant headings, with keywords, will help SEO but it can act as a sign-post for the reader. Breaking up your content is a good idea, especially when you take on board the number of mobile users these days, but headings can reinforce your points and make sure people understand the points you are making.

Images and video content
Don’t just focus on the written word for your blog. The use of images and video content is important for many reasons. If you tag these images and videos correctly, they will provide SEO benefits but in reality, the biggest benefits come from the visual representation on your page. Infographics, explainer videos and relevant images will engage your audience and help to get your point across.

When you want to improve your marketing presence and reap the rewards associated with this, you’ll find that well composed and structured blogs can have a huge impact on your business.

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