I own an Estate Agents, why is it important for me to blog?

As an estate agent, you are likely very busy and the idea of adding other tasks to your day will be very unappealing. However, when you find the time to blog, you give your business a boost because there are many benefits that come from blogging. No matter what challenges you face as an estate agent, blogging can drive your business forward.

What are some of the key difficulties an estate agent faces?

• It is a competitive industry, so you need to be seen as being different from the majority of firms
• Getting people on to their site
• People consider local knowledge and market understanding to be important, so you need to showcase these skills
• The estate agency industry has changed significantly recently, with a strong focus on the online market, so firms have to show they are confident working online
• Staying in touch with the latest technologies that are driving with the estate agency industry
• Like all firms, estate agents have to find value for money in their marketing and promotional activities
• People want to have a personal connection or relationship with a firm, so an estate agency has to showcase the individuals employed by the company
• Making people aware of your firm and of the services you offer

An estate agency that can overcome these challenges is likely to receive a lot of custom and interest, and blog content can address every one of these concerns.

A good blog can showcase your skills and experience
Your firm will have skills and experience that makes you the obvious for many firms. Whether this is local experience for a particular area, dealing with certain styles of homes, working with landlords etc – it is important to showcase the skills that you offer and a blog is the ideal platform to talk about you offer to the world.

A good blog will showcase your personal side and likable nature
A blog can often be informal and if you are looking to show that you have a personal and affable nature, your blog content is a great way to go about this. It is often difficult (and perhaps unwise) to showcase a sense of humour when listing properties or detailing what you offer for clients, but people want to work with companies that they can engage with.

Your blog allows you to showcase a different side to your personality, which may be exactly what some potential clients are looking for.

A key benefit of blogging is that it drives traffic to your site
All estate agents are looking to get people on to their site, and your blog can help, your blog content should have links directing people to your site or particular homes or properties on your site. Blog content works because you can share it on social media and other people can share it for you, which places your blog content in front of people and it may be that more people are likely to click on a link to a blog post than a property listing.

You should therefore act upon this opportunity by creating interesting blog content that will see people people’s interest developing and then eventually clicking through to your site.

A blog is a common part of online activity
If you want to show that you are comfortable working online, a blog is a great feature to have. If you are comfortable using a blog, you are at least remotely savvy when it comes to the internet, which means people will be more likely to trust you.

Blogs can utilise video technology, showcasing the latest in technology
Estate agents should be using images and videos as often as they can. The properties or services you are selling or letting are very visual, so use this to your advantage. Your blog content can utilise these videos, keeping people on page for longer and giving people reasons to link towards your page or post.

It doesn’t cost any money to set up a blog
When you are looking for a value for money solution, what can be better than using a blog which costs nothing to set up? The value for money and potential return that comes from using a blog to promote your estate agency industry should ensure that a blog is a smart idea for every estate agent.

Your blog provides a chance to connect with people and local businesses
While your main focus is on promoting what you do and offer, this can’t be the sole focus of your work or indeed your blog. If you can showcase that you care about the local community, that you engage with other firms and you know the issues that challenge local residents, you will be seen as the local estate agent expert, and this is a reputation which will draw business and attention towards you.

Your blog will represent your brand and image, showing that you offer something that other firms cannot
Your brand image and identity can stand you apart from other firms, and your blog can play a big role in creating the image that is right for you. Think about the way you want people to see your business or what they first think of when your name arises. You should then create content that is tailored towards making people feel this way about what you have to offer.

If you are an estate agent, it is vitally important that you blog on behalf of your business if you want to get new custom and be seen as the estate agent people can trust and rely on.

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