Your Content Must Serve A Purpose

It has never been easier to start recording on your phone or start typing on a computer and create some content. The vast majority of firms know that they need content to push their business forward and to connect with an audience, so the fact that content is easier to create is great news for […]

You Don’t Need To Sell With Every Piece Of Content

If you sell products or services, you can see why some people feel they need to sell on every page of their website. If you have real estate that can be used to have a buy button that implores people to spend their money with you, some people will say there is no harm in […]

Should You Go Live In 2022? Yes!

If you are looking for a trend that is set to be hugely popular in 2022, it is live video content. It is not as if this has come out of the blue or appeared out of nowhere. Live video content has been tipped as a huge component of a company’s marketing activity, and in […]

Your Content Should Have An Opinion

Blogging is a great way to connect with your audience, and every page is an opportunity to answer questions and give people what they are looking for. It is easy to see why “How To” content and lists do very well on search engines, social media and in drawing people to a site. However, with […]

Does A Blogging Schedule Matter For Businesses?

When you are looking to set up a blog for your business, there is a lot you need to consider. What sort of topics you will discuss, where it will be hosted, and how you will promote it are all critical factors that you need to consider when starting out? You should also consider your […]