8 Reasons Why Content Marketing Matters

There are many different types of marketing and it may be that some people think that content marketing isn’t for them or not as effective as other forms of marketing. This is not the case though and here are 8 reasons why content marketing matters.

Customers would rather content than ads
When it comes to business, how often have you heard or been told that the customer is always right. With that in mind, surely the fact that a number of sources say that around 70% of potential consumes would rather hear about a firm from content than an ad means that you need to be creating relevant content for your business.
Ads can be fun, snappy and to the point, so you can see why some people prefer that medium but when it comes to understanding a firm and seeing what they have to offer, content marketing is of great benefit.

Content is shared on social media
When it comes to being seen as many people as possible, you want to be on social media and content is far more successful than a lot of advertising on social media. You may have a viral smash hit on your hands when it comes to advertising but a lot of the time, these smash hits are loved for the wrong reasons (from a business point of view).

This may harm your business.
However, if your content is being shared on social media, you will find that it is coming recommended to people, it is likely being shared with the right audience and it reaches out to people who want to see it. This will provide you with a better return than just marketing and running ad campaigns.

Big brands understand the importance of content marketing but this is an area where you can beat them
When it comes to knowing what works in the business market, you will find that following the big boys is of benefit. Of course, when it comes to advertising content, you can’t really compete with the big boys but when it comes to content marketing, you have as much chance of them as creating content that matters.

In fact, when it comes to reaching out to a local audience, you will find that your business has a great head-start on big businesses, so focus on content marketing.

Video counts as content and video is hot
At the present time, people cannot get enough of video content. The use of smartphones and tablets means that people can access video content easily and improving internet connectivity means that streaming video is easy. This means that you should be looking to provide video content as often as you can and no matter what your business is, you will find that video content is a great way to present yourself and engage your audience.

You can position yourself as an expert
If you want people to come to you, you want to promote yourself as an expert in your local area or in your line of business. It is difficult to achieve this aim with advertising; many people will dismiss the claims of this nature that are made with marketing. However, if you can create content that people want to read or which provides them with answers relevant to your industry or sector, you will become a trustworthy business in your field. This means that people will return to you for answers and that people will recommend you to others. Creating great content will help you to be seen as an expert in your field.

You can give your audience the answers or information they need
One thing that you should be looking to do online is to inform people and provide them with what they are looking for. You can do this with ads but you will find that it is much more effective to do so with content marketing. Using content marketing is a great way to explain matters, to provide insight and to generally make your customers life easier. Given that the basis of selling to customers if providing a solution to a problem that they have, content marketing is the ideal way to provide assistance for these problems.

Content can be 100% relevant every time
Content marketing allows you to focus on one issue or matter at a time. When it comes to ads, you may feel pressurised to shoehorn as much as you can about your business into a limited amount of space. After all, if you are paying for the privilege of reaching people, you want to try and hit as many people and points as you can.
Of course, this is often the wrong way to go about things and with content marketing, the ability to focus on one issue at depth, is of considerable benefit. You can be 100% relevant at all times with content marketing, which will help you to get your point across more relevantly.

Content doesn’t have to take much time or money to create
One of the strongest reasons to focus on content marketing comes with the fact that it doesn’t cost anything to do. You can create and run a blog at no cost and if you use your existing staff members, you don’t have to pay any additional income. Depending on the nature of your blog, it may be possible to tap into your employee’s knowledge, experience and understanding to create great blog posts without having to research or undertake high levels of research.

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