5 Fantastic ways to showcase your products or services through writing

If you have products or services that you want to bring to other people’s attention, your writing can help. Here are 5 fantastic ways to showcase your products or services through writing.

A feature overview

If you have a product or service that you are proud of and you want people to know all about it, tell its story. A feature overview is a great way to do this and you will find that the process can be used time and time again for all of the products and services you provide.

A feature overview will traditionally set up a problem and then outline how the use of the product or service solves the problem. This takes the user through a story which they can empathise with, helping to promote your product or solution as the ideal way to improve their life.

The How-To

If you have a product that needs to be assembled or there is a best use method for your product, let people know who they should be using the product. The How-To process takes users through the process of using your product on a step-by-step basis, giving them all the information that they need to use your product.
If you have a product that people can buy to use themselves to save them buying a more expensive product or service that is used by professionals, How-To content is vital in ensuring your users are fully equipped with everything that they could want or need to know.

The details

If you have a new product, an innovative product or a product that acts in a way that hasn’t been used before, you have to provide users and potential users with the details about how it all works. Showcasing the capabilities of your new product and emphasising the ways that it stands out from the crowd and is the must-have product for people with certain problems or issues is a great way to develop some excitement and interest in what you have to offer.

The process

Sometimes it can be of benefit to outline what your product does and how it works. This won’t be of interest or benefit to any customer but when you provide this information, emphasising the ways that your product can be used, you may give customers ideas in other ways that your products can be used. You may also find that customers look for products that they don’t the names of, but know what the end result is. If you provide content that explains the end result, you may pick up all of the customers who are searching for a product that will give them a desired result.

A launch or release event

If you are launching a new product or service, you are having a special event related to your product or service, or you can create a press release story involving your product or service, a release event is a tremendous way to utilise content to promote what you have to offer. Even if all you talk about is the party that accompanies the launch of your product or service, if you get to talk about your product or service to others, you will have gained publicity and hopefully boosted interest in what you offer.

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