21 Great tips on writing powerful blogs

When it comes to writing powerful blogs, here are 21 great tips to improve your writing.

1. Make sure you tell you tell your story – Your blog is for your business, so make sure that your audience gets to hear your story, as this will help them to connect with you

2. Show and tell how you feel – Your blog should be personal as this allows people to create a connection with you so if you have feelings about something in your industry or area, let people know

3. Realise you cannot please everyone – Some people will love what you write, other people will hate, many will not care either way. Realise this and don’t let it eat away at you

4. Write about what you care about – When you write with passion and intensity, people will engage and connect with you so if you are going to write, write about something that fires you

5. Inform, engage and inspire – If you can do this on a regular basis, people will always come to read more blogs from you

6. Try different writing styles – You may not have found your voice yet, so try out different styles. If it works, brilliant, if it doesn’t, who cares, move onto the next blog and write a better one!

7. Vary the lengths of your posts – Don’t think that every post has to be of a uniform length and don’t aim for x amount of words every time because some SEO Guru once said this was important for search engine rankings. Mix it up with short and long posts. Basically, a post should be as long as it needs to be.

8. Act on inspiration – When you get an idea for a blog, crack on with it right because who knows if you will continue to get ideas and inspiration if you don’t act upon them

9. Find out who your audience is – You should always write for yourself and your business, but if you know who your audience is, you get a better idea of what they are looking for from you, which can help inspire blogs and help you to be more relevant

10. Add a call to action – Have at least one call to action that asks your reader to do something

11. Look for problems – Look and listen to see what problems people have in life, and then try and solve these problems with your blog

12. Set aside time for blog creation – Even with all of the ideas in the world, you need to have time to write these blogs and bring them to life

13. Set aside time for editing your blogs – It is important to write, but it is also vital to edit, so spare some time for the editing process

14. Live a little – Taking a break from blogging is important but you will also find that your life experiences can seep into your blogs, adding a personal touch

15. Ask questions – Your blog doesn’t have to be a one way street, it can be a chance for you to engage your audience and find out what people think of you and what they want from you

16. Make a journey – If you have blogs that link together or which flow from one to the other, people will come back with interest about what you have to say

17. Brainstorm and discuss ideas – get other people involved with the process or mindmap by yourself to give yourself plenty of ideas for future content

18. Understand that not every blog needs to be a smash hit – It would be brilliant if every blog went viral and people flocked to your site from all over the world, but this is unlikely to happen. Accept it and move on!

19. Write and write and write – The more you write, the more chances you have to find your voice and your style of writing. Practice makes perfect and the more you practice, the better your writing will become

20. Sometimes write and don’t publish – It is important to always write but if you have doubts or concerns about content, you don’t always need to publish. Give yourself time to mull over your content if you have doubts

21. Enjoy the process – You want your blog to come across as fun and personable so write about what you love and have fun. If you aren’t having fun with your blog, or seeing a point to it, it may better for someone else to take the reigns

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