12 Blog Writing Ideas For The Home & Garden Sector

If you have a blog focusing on the home and garden sector, you may eventually run out of things to talk about. Continually coming up with new ideas for blog posts is one of the most difficult aspects of running a blog, and it is an area where many people need help.

If this sums up your situation, here are 12 blog writing ideas for the home and garden sector.

Here are 6 blog writing ideas for the home component of any home and garden sector blog:

Tackling regular problems in older homes

There is a lot of focus on modern homes but with modern homes, you have fewer problems. One of the biggest issues facing many people across the country is how to make sure that their older home looks great and is up to scratch. There are plenty of homes across the country which will be suffering from the same sort of problem so spending some time providing insight into how older homes can be rejuvenated will be of great benefit.

Should I install a new kitchen/bathroom/carpet before attempting to sell my home?
This is a tactic that is becoming increasingly common for people selling their home. There is a high level of competition between house sellers and it can be seen that any advantage to you is of benefit. However, there are costs involved and there is disruption, so there needs to be some discussion about this strategy with the pros and cons being lined up. This is an issue that many people wrestle with so any guidance or advice an expert can provide will be of benefit.

Ways to make your home more attractive
This is something that again appeals to people looking to sell or rent their home, but it can appeal to everyone. Everyone wants to have a home that they are proud of and which looks great, which is why creating blog posts that provide simple tips on how to make a home more attractive will be very welcome.

Brightening up tired rooms on the cheap
One of the biggest factors in deciding to renovate a home is based around people feeling that their home is tired or jaded. However, not everyone can afford to properly renovate or decorate their home, so there is always going to be interest in making improvements to the home for not a lot of money. These blogs can be split up by various rooms, so there will be plenty of scope for a series of blog posts on this style of topic.

How to keep your home warm during winter
We all want to save money and we all want to have a cosy and comfortable. If you can provide people with a list of affordable and accessible tips that will transform the nature of a home during the colder months, you will find that people will be happy to share and recommend your content.

How to keep your home tidy when you have kids
Having kids is a joy and a blessing but it can be difficult. Many parents find that they struggle to keep their home tidy when they have kids so blog posts on simple ways to keep a home tidier when kids are around will be very welcome.

Here are 6 blog writing ideas for the garden component of any home and garden sector blog:

The best plants for a garden style
When it comes to making the most of a space or ensuring that you grow the best plants for your soil type, this sort of blog post will be of great benefit. If you have knowledge of the best types of plants for certain situations or areas, this will be a great idea for a blog post.

How to posts on growing certain plants / adding new features
You may think that planting seeds or flowers is a simple task but if you have never done it before, you may not know the best way to begin. This is why creating blog posts that teach people who to grow certain plants or how to best add new features to a garden will be of benefit. This will also be an area where video content will be great.

The best time to plant certain flowers or vegetables

Different plants and vegetables bloom at certain times of year and it may be that you want to enjoy some flowers or vegetables at a certain time of year. This means that there is a lot to be said for knowing the timetable to plant these plants or vegetables, and this is where your knowledge comes in.

The latest garden accessories

It can be difficult for people to stay on top of the latest gadgets and accessories for use in the garden, but this is where you can provide a valuable service. This is a blog idea that can be updated regularly and the different pages can be linked, allowing some great connectivity through your site. If you want to be seen as an expert for gardening, give great advice on the best new products or features when it comes to garden accessories.

How to hire a professional gardener / builder / landscaper
Many people decide that it is best for them to hire a professional to take care of their garden, but they don’t know what to look for when hiring a professional. Providing a blog post with questions to ask and what to look out for will give people a helping hand in finding the professional that is best for their needs.

How to keep children and pets safe in your garden
Gardens can pose many dangers to children or pets, so a simple blog post outlining dangers and then providing information on how these dangers can be minimised will be well received. This is the sort of content that is shared on a regular basis and it is the sort of content that is of benefit every year.

In all of the different blog posts, remember that images and video content will have a big impact. You don’t expensive equipment to take images or record video content, your smartphone will do, but you will find that the output created will provide your blog posts with added quality and interest.

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