12 Awesome blog ideas for a travel agent

No matter what line of work or industry you are in, having a blog makes perfect sense. However, many businesses struggle to come up with ideas that are worth blogging about but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. If you are a travel agent, you will find that there is plenty you can write about and here are 12 awesome blog ideas for a travel agent.

Create lists
If you have spent any time on the internet, you will know that lists are very popular. You will find that Top 10 lists are very easy to create and pull together but you don’t have to settle for the Top 10 things to do in a local area. In fact, if you want to be shared on social media and grab a buzz hit, try and be a bit quirky in detailing what is on offer in your local area.

How To’s
If people are travelling to a place that they don’t know, they will have a lot of questions. This is where an expert steps in with all of the answers that people are looking for. Whether you provide information on how to get around, local customs or on what to do with your time at day or night, a regular How to guide will have people coming back to your site on a regular basis.

Best Offs
Let’s face it, people don’t want to waste time seeing poor tourist spots or attractions on holiday, they want to see the very best that is on offer. This is why you should look to provide the best inforam5tion about the best places to see, meals to eat, clubs to socialise in, beaches to relax on and so much more. Giving people information about the best things will make a big difference.

Mini Travel Guides
If you want to be considered as the local expert, prove it. Providing people with mini travel guides of the best things to see and do in a local area will ensure that people view your website on a regular basis and will take great comfort in the information you offer. This means that you will be regarded as a leading provider in your area or industry.

Local holidays or festivals
It is good to provide information about forthcoming festivals or local holidays. Sometimes people are on holiday but find that certain places or attractions are closed due to local holidays or practices. If you provide this information to your audience, it can help them to avoid disappointment when on holiday, which will improve their opinions of you.

Spotlight on local businesses
Interviewing local businesses or providing an insight into local businesses that you recommend is of great benefit to your audience. People want to know what local firms to trust and if you shine a spotlight on the businesses you recommend, you should find that people will appreciate your effort. You should also find that the businesses you focus on will share the content with their audience, helping you to reach out other people.

Packing guides
Providing people with a checklist of the things that they need when they visit a certain destination will be of great benefit. You can provide different lists depending on the travelling party, is it a single person, is it a couple, is it a family? All of these different groups will probably need different items and if you provide people with what they need, you will be regarded as being an expert in this field.

Travel apps
More and more people are becoming technologically confident and proficient. There is also an increased level of Wi-Fi and internet access in holiday hotspots, so people are looking to use apps that can benefit and improve their holiday. Providing information about reliable travel apps or local apps will be of benefit to users. This is topic that should be updated on a semi regular basis, ensuring that you provide people with the most appropriate information about which apps they should download and use.

Language tips
It is good for people to learn the basics of foreign language when they go abroad, so why not provide them with some of the most commonly used phrases? Anything which helps people to enjoy themselves or receive a higher standard of service abroad has to be of benefit, so language tips are a great blog topic.

Provide images
Blogs don’t have to be about written content, providing images of a destination or resort will provide people with the chance to see what is on offer before they travel. You may even want to encourage users to share their images.

Provide video content
Video content is becoming increasingly popular for blogs so why not share video content of your local area or your resort? This is something that will be of great interest to people who are coming to an area in the near future. Don’t just focus on selling yourself; provide video content of places of interest and places to get buses and taxis etc.

Special offers
If you are able to provide special offers to guests or you find special offers that are available to people heading to a destination, you will find that your content gets shared quickly and effectively.

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