11 Wicked Blog Ideas For A Tourist Board

When it comes to creating a blog for a tourist board, you may find that you have some great ideas to start off and then run out of steam.

Don’t worry though because there are plenty of brilliant ideas for blog posts and here are 11 wicked blog ideas for a tourist board to use in their blog.

While there are plenty of people who like to take things easy and go with the flow on holiday, there are also plenty of people who like to pack in as much as they can. You can help people who don’t want to miss out on the main attractions by offering them an inclusive itinerary for their stay. This provides a great scope for blog posts because they can be seasonal and there are so many different options, depending on the resort. One destination could allow you to create itineraries for people looking for food trails, history stories, family adventures, nature spots, sports, photography sites, tourist attractions and of course, you can combine these itineraries to give you even more starting points for blog.

Coming attractions
Again, these blog posts can be topical, allowing you to write about one area or location many times. Taking the time to find out what attractions are coming up in a local area provides you with the platform to tell people what to look out for during their stay. For added punch, be sure to create photographic and video content about these events.

On this day…
Historical posts give some insight into an area and how it has been developed. Creating “on this day” posts give you a great source of information for content and when it comes to creating content with great keyword abilities, this is an option that works all year round.

Where to eat
Providing people with information on the best places to eat will be of interest and you can use this to create relationships with local businesses as well. If you place a focus on a particular restaurant, be sure to contact them on social media and share the content. In addition to providing insight into the best places for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can create posts based on budget, romantic meals, restaurants with a view, local delicacies, places where people with allergies can eat, so you’ll find that you have great scope for creating regular content with this style of blog.

Promotions and packages
It is important that you don’t use this type of blog too regularly, but there is a lot to be said for providing casual reminders about what you have to offer. If you organise daytrips or run certain promotions at certain times of year, create a blog post explaining the benefits to the user.

Answer questions
If there are questions that regularly come up in your business, provide the answer in a blog post. This should be a quick and easy post to write but it is the sort of post that people will be benefit from, so it is a blog post that adds a great service.

Showcase a visitor or regular customer
Sometimes showcasing a user or customer helps to make a connection with other customers. It is one thing reading about content from the business but if a user gets to see and read about the experiences of a similar holidaymaker, it can help to make the holiday experience more real. This is another area where adding video content and images can make a massive difference in drawing people in, encouraging them to share content and getting points across.

Create a Google Map
If you are looking to show how varied your area is for attractions or you want to create itineraries based around themes, you will find that creating targeted Google Maps will be a great blog post. If your local area has a range of microbrewery or craft beer pubs, show them all on a map. If you have a reputation for bars that show live bands, place them on the map. No matter what you have to offer, or what benefits certain retailers or restaurants offer, place them on a map and share the map with your audience.

Talk about your Twitter account and show people how to use it

If you have a Twitter account that is regularly updated and which provides people with great information, make sure that people know about it. You should take the opportunity to explain Twitter and how it can be of benefit to people (how hashtags are a great way to find out about what is on in a local area or how some retailers offer Twitter bonuses and promotions). Creating a Twitter Centre that provides information about Twitter, your Twitter account and what to look out for is a great idea for a blog and it will also help to draw traffic to you.

Showcase local people, groups and businesses
If there is a vibrant art scene in your area, talk about it and talk to the people involved in the work. If there is a local store offering something quirky or fully native to your area, showcase it and talk to the people involved with the store. Plenty of tourists love native colour when it comes to their holiday so make sure that people know what to look out for in your local area.

Create videos of routes, attractions and important local sights
We’ve talked about the importance of video in a number of the individual ideas but video itself can be a great excuse for a blog. When it comes to making a blog that is of value to people, show people what they need to see. If there is a main taxi stop or bus stat9ion/stop in the local area, don’t just show a map or provide directions, show people a video of the stop and of the main routes leading to the stop. If you have stunning views from a walkway or path, showcase them. If you want people to try a number of different pubs or bars in a street or local area, create a video post showcasing the path. More and more people are devouring video content these days and this is exactly the sort of content that people will benefit from.

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