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At Agent Content, we understand that our clients are looking for great quality content that reaches out to an audience while strongly representing their brand.

If you have been left frustrated at the time it takes you to create impactful content, or appalled at the standard of outsourced work, it is time to call on content specialists.

We are pleased to say that we have a team of experienced writers who have considerable expertise in a broad range of industries and niches. We create bespoke content that offers invaluable information about yourself, your product and your industry which will help you to gain trust and appeal to new customers.

At Agent Content, we focus on finding the right tone of voice to allow you to communicate in the most effective manner.

Some examples of our quality work for clientsAgent Content creates great quality written and video content for our clients

The Agent Content Approach

We get to know YOU and YOUR BUSINESS

One of our team members will contact you and we will discuss your writing requirements. This ensures that we know what you are looking for and who you consider your audience to be.

We believe it is vital to offer a bespoke standard of service to ensure that you can present content in the most effective manner. We take the time to get to know you and your business objectives, to allow you to achieve these objectives in the best possible manner.

Content research

While we take the time to get to know you, your products/services and your audience, it is important to carry out research on your industry and your competition.

Whether there is a successful approach to reaching your audience or there are opportunities for success in your sector, our experienced research team will ensure that your content places you in the ideal position for reaching out to an audience and excelling in your industry.


There are many purposes to great quality content and we aim to provide your audience with valuable and reliable information. Our aim is to ensure that you are considered to be a trustworthy option in your sector, helping you to increase traffic to your site and of making a sale.

We also want you to achieve your goals. If your main focus is on driving traffic to your website, we can assist you with SEO and keyword focused content. If you want to present a positive or friendly image of your firm, great blog content is the ideal way to connect with your audience.

No matter what you want to achieve with your content, we will get to know you and your aims, ensuring the writing is of benefit to you.


We know that uploading and distributing content can be a drain on your resources, which is why we are happy to help. At Agent Content, we will assist in uploading content to your website. This provides a consistent level of uploading, while giving you one less thing to worry about.

Our Service Pricing

Content Writing Pricing
Number of Words
Blog Copy 100% unique search engine (SEO) friendly articles written by UK professional writers
Website Copy100% unique search engine (SEO) friendly copy for your website
Brochure CopyCopy for your printed brochures
Guides Pricing
Guide CreationMinimum of 1,000 words + minimum of 10 images
Videos Pricing
Video CreationThe video content pricing is based on content already written, either from Agent Content or client

Who We Are

Agent Content is a marketing agency that aims to help you to generate more business with less work and effort. We have been operating since 2011 and we have a team with considerable experience in all online marketing and digital marketing mediums. We have created a team which consists of professional writers, digital marketers, website designers, and engineers, all of whom are ideally suited to bring your business plans and ambitions to life. We also aim to provide the highest standard of customer service to all of our clients.

The biggest change, and indeed the big opportunity, with online marketing is how it has evolved from traditional marketing. We believe that traditional marketing was based on talking to people but with digital marketing, you can talk with them. If you want to be part of the digital marketing conversation with your audience, we can help.

Ian Watson
Founder of Agent Content

Complex Marketing Made Simple

If you have experienced diminishing returns from traditional advertising outlets such as newspapers and canvassing, the new digital marketing solutions may be of interest and benefit. Utilising email and SEO can help you to get your point across in the most effective manner. We know that new strategies and mediums can be off-putting or daunting but we believe that with our help, you can implement these strategies in a simple and effective manner.

We aim to keep things as simple as possible, which mean that you can focus on your core strengths and doing the things that offer best value to your customers. Our role is promoting your brand and ensure that you have a professional appearance and identity. In the online era, being valued and trusted is essential, and our work will help position you as an expert in your field. Our work will drive customers to your site, but once there, we will ensure that you provide a strong presence, helping you to develop relationships and make sales.

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