Importance of writing blogs for your business

When it comes to running a business, there are never enough hours in a day, so why would you even think on about taking on more tasks in your daily routine? You can see why many people feel instantly opposed to the idea of having a blog, but given the potential benefits of writing blogs […]

Why content is king for your business

One of the most common phrases in the online marketing era is that “content is King”. It is a saying that has been used so much that you can see why many people switch off and forget about the true point or purpose of the saying. This would be wrong though because content provides an […]

How content can help generate more sales for your business

If you are solely focused on making sales or improving sales for your business, you may wonder what content is of interest to you. Many people start to believe that content is solely about driving traffic towards a site or creating a brand persona. While these are important elements in a business strategy, some people […]

Blogs: The power of having your own voice

For many people, the internet is great because it allows them to be anonymous or as unobtrusive as possible on the internet. That can have a shady or nasty connotation depending on the actions of the people involved but it is fair to say that many people have developed a voice and persona on the […]

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